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DTW systems provides customized solutions for waste water treatment issues and process filtration improvements using microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis membrane systems. DTW Systems has created a solution that economically meets the discharge parameters from plating processes by combining the benefits of chemical pretreatment and membrane separation. With over 150 installed systems, the DTW Systems process has proven to be reliable and easy to operate, offering long years of trouble free service. In addition to consistently meeting the discharge requirements, the DTW Systems solution provides the initial treatment necessary to recycle rinse water to the plating facility. Each DTW System is customized to provide cost effective reliable service, ease of operation, consistent discharge results, and an efficient membrane operation.

Microfiltration membrane separation offers a unique benefit when compared to conventional clarification techniques. While clarification systems are static designs, systems built for a specific task, membrane systems are dynamic. Membrane systems are easy to expand and as the process discharge stream changes, pretreatment chemistry is easy to modify. As such, the solutions to today's issues offer the base solution for tomorrow's processes and discharge streams. DTW Systems solutions do not become obsolete. DTW Systems is excited about every opportunity and looks forward to working with all clients on their waste water treatment projects. DTW Systems will provide the engineering, manufacturing and service expected to meet current and future water treatment needs.
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